Newsletter 1
Dr. Joan and Peter Cohn welcome you to the inaugural issue of newsletter.

This website will bring to our followers our most up-to-date medical, nutritional, and psychological advice on living well while aging.

For example, what is the latest news regarding the rapidly changing field of cardiology?
It has been realized for almost a decade now that one of the more exciting aspects of the contemporary treatment of cardiac disorders involves the use of a non-surgical approach for replacing malfunctioning heart valves. What began as a treatment for elderly patients too frail, or too ill with severe respiratory or other non-cardiac diseases, has now morphed into something with more widespread use. In other words, it is not only for individuals who are at higher-than-average risk for cardiac valve surgery using traditional open-heart surgical techniques. Still, it is patients in their 70s, 80s, and even 90s who will benefit most, extending their life expectancy, and hopefully their quality of life as well.

Society is now aware of the increasing importance of advanced care directives. An advanced care directive or health care proxy is a legal document that designates an ”agent” to make health care decisions when a person is unable, or incapable, of making these important decisions for themselves. This document is imperative when a person has had an accident or an illness that interferes with the ability to communicate temporarily or is in a vegetative state. In contrast, a living will anticipates problems and states desired outcomes, whereas a health care proxy designates a person to make those decisions.

Future newsletters will appear periodically. We look forward to receiving your comments and/or questions.