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Heart Talk The Radio &TV Show Concepts Both the TV and Radio shows are a fascinating mix of experts, celebrities and human interest stories.
In addition to Boomer celebrity guests, Heart Talk features experts addressing medical, financial, social and sexual issues important to Boomers. Show topics range from unusual and creative Boomer retirement plans (the ex talent agent who started a biker chick gang), to compelling personal stories (the couple in their 60’s who want to use their dead son’s sperm to create a grandchild).
The Doctors are In – On each show a segment is set aside so the listeners or in studio audience can ask for advice from the Doctors Cohn. Drawing from their vast professional and personal experience, Dr. Peter will present the best medical information on how to keep your body healthy and Dr. Joan will navigate complicated emotional and social issues facing Boomers today. Heart Talk -There is nothing like it.

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